Tool Kit for Pocket Book Journals

  1. .UHU glue stick
  2. If you have water colors bring them, artist grade only
  3. One Needle for sewing signatures, the ones made by Linco are superior and may be purchased at Dick Blick's in the bookmaking section
  4. Water bottle for spritzing
  5. Hair dryer
  6. Regular Golden Gel, can be purchased at Dick Blick or Michaels
  7. A box of  small binder clips available at Staples or Office Max
  8. I will be providing a journal kit with a variety of materials. If you have any of the following to use in your journals bring it along: beads, cancelled postage stamps, rubber stamps with ink pad, candy, gum wrappers, stickers, decorative papers ,tiny buttons — all these
    kinds of materials can be brought to class if you have them.
  9. Bone folder or expired credit card or plastic hotel key card
  10. Scissors

To Purchase: or Call 770-479-7368