Tool Kit for Altered Book Classes

  1. A book. Get a small one, a big book is overwhelming, get one that is in good condition, not too old as pages become brittle. They are easy to find at yard sales, goodwill, etc.
  2. Craft knife and scissors.
  3. UHU glue stick, we will also use a product called Golden regular gel, I will provide that. If you want to purchase it, Dick Blick and Michael's carry it, this product is archival and it will adhere heavy objects to the page.
  4. Pencil, ruler and cutting mat to place behind the pages you are cutting.
  5. Paint will be provided but you can bring your own if you have it, at least three complimentary colors.
  6. Brushes, you will need one for gel, and a couple others for paint, I use brushes between sizes 8 and 14 for painting.
  7. White or black Gesso available at Michael's or Dick Blick.
  8. Old credit card or hotel plastic key cards for burnishing or a bone folder.
  9. Hair dryer.
  10. Magazine for gluing and cutting text.
  11. These items are not necessary but if you have them and want to include them in your altered book bring......beads, rubber stamps and ink pads. decorative paper any other kinds of embellishments you would like for your book.

To Purchase: or Call 770-479-7368